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What they say about me

"After practising the techniques you have taught me I am more and more able to improve the way I feel by simply altering the perspective from which I view problems and changing the way I describe them to myself. Many thanks for making me realise that the misery of beating myself up is only a mind-shift away from the joy of bigging myself up." 

M. London

"I had been a heavy smoker for 26 years, I had hypnotherapy with Phil and it's really worked!

   S.G London

"Phil is extremely professional in his attitude to his work and after only one hypnosis session I can say he is a very calming practitioner. I definitely recommend him."

G. London

"After two failed relationships, sessions with you made it possible for me to finally have closure and move on.  I am now much more confident in all areas of my life, and have a loving and supportive partner.  I can't thank you enough for helping me finally breaking free of old self-defeating behaviour!"

   W. London

"Hi Phil. Thanks very much for the session.  It was really helpful.  I slept really well on Sunday night."

   JG. London

"I have found the experience very helpful and feel in a very different place from when we started the sessions. Thanks again for your help Phil. It's been very therapeutic for me and I'm very grateful. I'll keep applying the principles of what you've taught me."

  PU. London

"Dear Phil. A week has passed since I saw you - and I remain a non-smoker. MANY THANKS FOR YOUR HELP! You gave me the mental strength to cope. I couldn't have done it without you."

  J. London

"I did some public speaking last week……I was surprised when someone came up to me afterwards and commented on my very confident public speaking skills…..nobody has ever said that before. Clear evidence of progress….so thanks again for the help you gave me".


"I am so happy I stopped smoking, so are most of my friends. More than anything I wanted to say thank you for the session and the help you gave".

   A. London

"Dear Phil, I would just like to tell you that I am feeling so much more in control and mentally tough since the treatment and to say a big thank you for your time and the huge amount of energy you put in to the consultation".

   T. London

"This is the man you need if you have a stressful working environment or life!"

   S. London

"As a result of working in a stressful environment I turned up on Phil's doorstep for help to unwind and to get myself back to being the confident strong person I know I am. Everything suddenly got on top of me and I was hiding somewhere in the dark, unable to face my fears. Just after one session I felt my spirits had been lifted and my outlook was more positive. The feeling of excitement about certain issues outweighed those negative thoughts and as Phil said, always look up to the sky and focus on what you want!!."

   PM. London

"Went to see Phil for relaxation, stress-relief and confidence-building.  He was a genuine and amicable guy, and soon taught me some simple techniques that could be used anywhere and anytime and, along with a couple sessions of hypnotherapy, he soon put me back in charge of myself.  He has a vast range of knowledge and the methods used in hypnotherapy, and I would definitely use him again in the future - I've already recommended him to several of my colleagues and associates."

   B. London

"I would recommend my friends to see Phil when they are going through a rough patch, knowing they would be in safe hands."

   PA. London

"I believe the real work for a therapist consists of listening. Actively. And that is why Phil is to be recommended as he really meets your deeper and inner needs. As a person he is great but as a hypnotherapist he is the best. What matters is that my therapy worked and if it did for me it will for you. Trust me on that one!"

   S. London

"Phil is quite a guy, people warm to him immediately, open, honest and passionate about what he does, anyone who needs to feel re-energised needs to see Phil, he'll sort you out both personal wise and business wise."

   R. London

"Phil was referred through a friend as I was having trouble sleeping as a result of stress. I tried hypnotherapy many years ago and was sceptical about what it could do for me. Phil immediately made me feel at ease and dismissed all of the worries I had about hypnotherapy being some kind of quack treatment. After two sessions I realised that I was feeling much better generally - not necessarily in ways that I had expected. Mostly, I felt more in control of my emotional state and all of the thoughts that run through my head when I should be sleeping. I am quite a confident person but almost overnight I noticed that I am no longer distracted by the amount of information my brain seems to digest on a daily basis. As a result I am less stressed and able to get to sleep more easily. I continue to see Phil and would recommend him without reservation."

   A. London

"I would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who feels they would benefit from his stress management techniques."

   PC. London

"I am feeling much more centred, at ease and confident. I have really enjoyed it and it's been very positive, beneficial and interesting for me. I shall come back for top-ups!"

   D. London 

Recently I had been suffering with a negative mental attitude toward relationships and my self-esteem. I was experiencing stress, anxiety, depression and also outbursts of anger. I was recommended to a hypnotherapy practitioner. After two sessions I was feeling more positive and emotionally responsible for myself. Another two sessions later I found my life turned around and back to handling situations with considerable confidence. Apparently from time to time people of all ages are susceptible to a conflict in their beliefs surrounding rational and irrational beliefs.  If any of the above seem relevant and you need some relatively inexpensive counselling in mental toughness leading to the success I have experienced contact Phil Pearl

   F. London

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Mental Toughness Coaching, Training & Hypnotherapy London

Mental Toughness: Coaching, Training & Hypnotherapy London

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Tel: 020 7467 8548