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Mental Toughness Coaching

MENTAL TOUGHNESS: For Life on and off the Field

Mental toughness is often referred to as wining "the inner game" or "the mind game" in sport. Having an effective mental attitude is a clear advantage not only in competitive sports but also in our personal fitness, health and training goals. Our mental attitude also affects our emotions, physiology and behaviour/actions; my approach is based on working within all four areas. I work with you to remove the obstacles and blocks that affect your performance and also work with you to enhance your existing and future potential. My aim is to teach you the attitudes, approaches and techniques of mental toughness so that you can become your own mental toughness coach. An added advantage is that these methods can also be used in your personal and professional life. As I'm sure you're aware; how we play on the field is often a reflection of how we play off the field; in the game of life.

I am familiar with most sports but not an expert in technical training - you need your training and fitness coach for that. My area of expertise is within inner mental states and motivation, and how these are then reflected in our outer behaviour and performance. In all of our sport or fitness goals, we all need mental toughness, whether it's a specific element of our game or persisting in going to the gym and maintaining motivation.

I use approaches from coaching, biopsychology, cognitive, behaviour psychology, rational, emotive psychology, existential psychology and hypnotherapy. I focus on how our thoughts, emotions, behaviour and physiology are connected - and specifically how these help us in our everyday challenges and performance in life and sport.

Call or email me for a free pre-consultation discussion by telephone, without any obligations.

Here are some areas where I can work with you as your mental toughness coach.

Clarification of goals 

Are your goals realistic and achievable or wishful thinking - are your goals challenging or overwhelming?

Is it what you want rather than what you don't want - you may know what you don't want but how can you frame this in positive terms that are actionable?

Are your goals performance or outcome goals - do you want to win a tournament or is it better to work on your frustration, anger and anxiety?

Are your goals specific or evidence based - how will you know if and when you have achieved them?

What does success look and feel like - how and when do you track and review your progress?

Are these even the right goals for where you are now - or did they just seem a good idea at the time?


How committed are you to achieving your goals - how will you persevere and persist?

What are the trade-offs or costs and benefits - what other areas will you have to compromise?

Why do you want it; what are your reasons and your true motivations for achieving these goals - is it worth it?

Where is your motivation coming from - can you enhance, strengthen and maintain it?

What's the price of success - what's the price of failure?

How are other people and interests affected?

Who do you need to be?

What sort of person do you think you need to be, in order to succeed - do you like that person, is there a more effective alternative?

What attitudes, beliefs, philosophy do you need to have - how are these different to how you are at other times, in other places and with other people?

What do you need to tell yourself in order to succeed - what do you need to think or imagine and when do you need to do it?

What emotions and feelings do you need to perform - what emotions are you trying to avoid and what is the behaviour that results from them?

What are the disciplines, habits and routines that will help you - what are your existing patterns and how can you change them or remove them altogether?


What are the areas that you can and cannot control - can you accept the realities?

Can you control "the controllables" - can you change, how do you do it?

What is will-power and what is won't power?

Who or what is responsible for your success?

How do you adapt to change and challenge - whether it's positive or negative; what can you control?

Can you be in control of your thoughts, emotions, physiology, behaviour and actions?

Are you in control of events or are events in control of you?


Do you believe in yourself - do you trust yourself or doubt yourself?

Do you have mental blocks and conflict - or pre-conceived limits and learned boundaries?

Can you maintain confidence and concentration when you're losing - or only sing when you're winning?

Is confidence something that you constantly build, maintain and work on - or is it dependant on the weather and how you feel on the day?

When do you lose your confidence or nerve and choke - at particular venues, at certain times in a game, after a failure, with specific opponents or at pressurised, critical moments?

Are you anxious about losing or is it actually fear of winning - what can this mean, where did it come from and what can you do about it?


Do you learn from failures and setbacks - what's your method or process and how long does it take you?

How do you adapt to changing circumstances - can you be more flexible and take advantage?

Can you remain optimistic when things go adrift - can you find opportunity in adversity?

What happens when you perceive that you are out of you depth or league - will you adapt and evolve to the new environment or become extinct?

Do you view change as an unavoidable (and sometimes an unwelcome) reality - do you blame and complain or learn and move on; how do you do this, and how long does it take?


How do you maintain mental, physical and emotional control - what are your methods and techniques, can they be enhanced or changed?

How do you mentally prepare before, during and after an event - can we actually control our thinking and emotions; how?

Do you mentally rehearse - what if you have trouble visualising or can't visualise; is there an alternative?

How do you handle anger, frustration and anxiety - how do handle being calm, centred and confident?

How do you create, perceive and interpret your reality - is it what you think, feel and see, objective or subjective - or is it through the lens of the past?

What is the relationship between mental, physical, emotional and behavioural relaxation and concentration - how do you achieve this?

What's more important in performance; our strength, behaviour, actions, thoughts or how we feel - can we align all of these to work together?  

How does your opponent affect you or the crowd and then your own internal critical voice - how do you manage inner and outer conflicts?

How can you remain focused in the moment, rather than past or future performance - how can you maintain goal directedness and mindfulness?


How do you recover from setbacks, failures and injury - how do you stay committed when times are bleak?

How do you regain motivation after disappointment and disillusionment - how do you regain your balance and inner strength?

Can you keep things in proportion, maintain perspective and see things philosophically - can you bounce back with renewed determination and commitment to restart your goals?

How do you cope with mental frustration and physical discomfort - what keeps you going?

What are stress and anxiety - can they actually be beneficial and helpful in achieving your goals?

Call or email me for a free pre-consultation discussion by telephone, without any obligations.

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